Puppy update 2016

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we don't have puppies, but the boys had some lovely lady visit...

7 beautiful healthy babies were born in Kennel Cap-a-Pie Cartouche, mommy "Ziz Zaz Zuz Cap-a-Pie Cartouche' aka "Zus" loves her babies! Daddy Vincent and me visited them last week at the age of 5 weeks and wow... we are proud!!! What a lovely way to start a puppy life at the "van der Nat OES-residence with so much love and care!!'

And also our Doughnut had a date last summer... with lovely Katja. She gave birth to 5 beautiful big fat puppies in September.  She is a super mama for her kids and together with her breeders Frank & Angelique they really enjoy life at "Image Unique". 

* sorry, all puppies at both kennels are reserved* 

But no.. no puppies planned at Youandi in 2016. We prefer to give quality time and all our energy to the mommy & puppies, -like I did for the Sporter's , and as we see at Image Unique and Cap-a- Pie Cartouche... and that's just not possible at the moment. But who knows what 2017 will bring! 

That's one of the consequenses of of being a hobby breeder; it's all about love, dedication and attention. It's not a business.


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