Starbuckies 8 weeks

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The Starbuckies are moving!

In just a blink... they are 8 weeks old and we say goodbye... 

Such a wonderful litter, I really enjoyed them, love them.. will miss them! And again.. I'm so lucky to find the most loving and caring new homes for these furry kids!  Just wonderful to see the smiling faces of the families after their weekly visits to see their puppy growing up, now finally ready to take him/ her home! I'm so happy and confident these babies will have a long life of happiness.

Here are the pedigree names, litter nicknames, and their pet names for the future:

clipart1000514  Youandi Pistachio Latte,  Uno, will be Bommel and work as therapy dog

clipart1000514  Youandi Frappuccino, Kanjer  is now  Paxton lives with Pastou (Ch Youandi Pompidou) Purdey & Pascalle!

clipart1000514 Youandi Latte Macchiato, Bea is now Winnie; stays in the family with mama Nelly and Annyck, Dimitri en Izzy.

clipart1000514 Youandi Cappuccino, little Puzzle keeps her name Puzzle and lives with aunty Lucky (Youandi Have a Dream) and Cees & Aukje and kids.

clipart1000514 Youandi Caffè Americano, Trix is now Soof and lives with aunty Sjaan (Youandi Crêpe Suzette) + Cotons at Jacqueline & Erik's.

clipart1000514 Youandi Chocolate Cookie Crumble, sweet Jaratelle's new name is  " Fluffy", the 1st OES (1st dog) for  Petra, Tim & Zoë. But extremely wel prepared and all the fun upfront ensures a happy life for this furry kiddo! 

clipart1000514 Youandi Espresso Con Panna, aka Mobi will celabrate life as 'Fien' with her big bro Baer (Youandi Story of My Life) .... quality for fun ensurenced!


Bye bye Starbucks puppies.. I'm gonna miss you. Please visit us soon for a coffee... !

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