Dior 'on the road'

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Dior -Ch Youandi Millésime- is on a roll...

 We travelled to Germany, Denmark and Holland with some nice results:

Groningen (NL): CAC CACIB & Benelux Winster '19 under mr K.E. Johansen (SE)

Altemünster (GE): RCAC in Champion class under judge Mr Richard Baker (UK)

Danish clubshow: CAC & BISS under judge Mrs Christina Bailey (UK)

Danish national show: CAC & BOS under judge Mrs R. Newhouse (UK)

Zwolle (NL): CAC CACIB & BOS under judge J. Wauben (NL)


Dior won all the required CAC/IB's for the Dutch, Danish and International champion titles... but she is too young to finish them. So we can only wait. 

This is what we call 'a luxery problem' ....