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Dior & Brechtje new Luxembourg champions

√Mark Starmer <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>phoDior & Brechtje were shown in Luxembourg under judge Mr P. Jentgen (Lux) on May 12th, and both girls won their classes with CAC! Dior finished the day with RCACIB, and we are proud of our 2 new Luxembourg champions! 

And just one week later I showed Dior at the Specialty of the Dutch OES Club, and she won Best Bitch & BOS under judge Mrs Sue Adcock (UK)

Dior is just 25 months old, and is now French, Danish, Luxembourg champion, NL Jr ch, Junior World Winner, and won 6 CAC's in Holland. (only 4 needed for NL Ch, but just too young to finish the title) and 4 CACIB's in 3 countries (and also.. too young to finish the international title)

 photo: Rinus van Heel