6 December 2015 Midlands OES Club UK

Judge Mrs Christine Cherington


 Dwayne- Ch Youandi Grand Cru




21 November 2015 Belgium Specialty Show

Judge Mrs Irene Crane- Duplock (UK)

Dwayne- Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru- won BEST IN SHOW again!


7 November 2015,  Cloghran All Breed Championship Show (IRE)

Judge Mrs Stephany Walsh

Floyd (Ch Youandi Alive and Kicking) won Best Dog & Green Star!

Well done Orla & Floyd! 


7 & 8 November 2015, double CACIB show Bleiswijk (NL)

Judge Mrs Skallman (SE) & Mrs Dijkhorst (NL)

 Dwayne (Ch Youandi Grand Cru) 2x CAC/IB, 1x BOS, 1x BOB 

Brechtje (Youandi Wanna Live My Lifestyle) 2x 1exc, 1x 1RCAC & New NL Junior Champion! 

well done Brechtje & Ursula!!




26 October 2015, All Breed Championship Show (IRE)

Judge Mr Ebels (NL)

Floyd- Ch Youandi Alive and Kicking won Best dog & Green star!

well done Orla & Floyd!


1 & 2 October 2015, double CACIB show Zwolle (NL)

Judge Mr Ebels (NL) & Mr Wieldraaier (NL)


Dwayne (Ch Youandi Grand Cru) 2x CAC/IB, 1x BOS, 1x BOB & Group 5

Brechtje (Youandi Wanna Live My Lifestyle) 2 exc & 1 exc




20 September 2015, All Breed Champion Show Carlow (IRE)

Judge Mr Robin Newhouse (UK)

Floyd - Ch Youandi Alive and Kicking

wins Best Dog & Green Star. This was his 7th Green star, and he finished the Irish Champion title!

I am so proud of Floyd & Orla!!



29 August 2015, CACIB Show Luxembourg

Judge Mrs G. Kalinichenko (UA) / Group Judge Mr Colm Hasting (IRE) 

 Dwayne - Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru-

wins CACIB, Benelux Winner '15,  Best of Breed and Group 2!




22 August 2015, Welsh Kennel Club Champion Show

breed Judge Mrs Christina Bailey (UK) / group Judge Mr Peter Folley

 Dwayne - Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru-

wins Best Dog, CC, Best of Breed and Group 3!

*** Dwayne finished his UK Champion title!!***


2 August 2015, Dun Laoghaire Monkstown Canine Society All Breed CH Show

Judge Mr B. Orr (IRE)

Floyd "Youandi Alive and Kicking" Jr Ch CJW15 won Green star & Best of Breed!

well done Orla & Floyd!



1 August 2015, CACIC show Bremen (GE)

Judge Mrs Terri Cousins (UK)

Ch. Youandi Dreams Come True won CAC/ CACIB & BOB

well done Ursula & Froukje!


28 June 2015 Deise All Breed Championship Show (IRE)

Floyd, Youandi Alive and Kicking -only 13 months old- won his 3rd "Green Star" and Best of Breed under Judge Mrs Marieclaire Walsh.

 and later on the day Floyd won Group 1 under Judge Mr Ed Kennedy!!!

Well done Orla & Floyd, what a dream team you are!


17 May 2015 Specialty OESCN (NL)

Judge Ms Jenny Jones (UK)


 Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru (Dwayne) won Best in Show & Dutch Clubwinner 2015



7 May 2015 Birmingham National (UK)

Judge Mr R. Jones (UK)

Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru (Dwayne) won Best Dog & CC!



14 March St. Patrick's Celtic Winners Show (Ireland)

Judge: mr Michael Forte 

Youandi Alive and Kicking won Best Junior Dog & Celtic Junior Winner 2015

Floyd is now also Crufts Qualified! Well done Orla & Floyd


28 Februari 2015 CACIB show Groningen

Judge mr R. Ballantyne (UK)


Brechtje wins JCAC, JBOB, Jr Benelux Winner & Crufts Qualification

Froukje (Ch Youandi Dreams Come True) RCAC & RCACIB.

well done girls!!!


1 March RCCI All Breed Open Show (IRE)

Judge Ms Tracey Douglas

Youandi Alive and Kicking won "Best of Breed" & BIG4

 well done Orla & Floyd!!!


1 february 2015 CAC club show Luxembourg

Judge Mr John Walsh (IRE)


Our youngest star: "Brechtje" 8 months old

Youandi Wanna Live My Lifestyle

1 VP & BOB-Puppy! Well done Ursula & Brechtje




7 December 2014 OES Champion Club Show

OES Club Midlands, Birmingham/ UK, Judge Mr Ray Wilkinson

Dwayne won: BEST DOG & CC





8 November 2014, OES Specialty Belgium


Danish Delight Turn Me On (Jake) 


Judge Mr Freddy Leclerq

Youandi Wanna Live My Lifestyle (Brechtje) Best Baby in Show,

Youandi Way Of Life (Bo) 2nd place in Baby class

Danish Delight Turn Me On (Jake) Best Puppy in Show

Sealords Quality Time for Youandi (Purdey) 2exc in open class

Youandi Dreams Come True (Froukje) 1exc in Champion class

 all credits for the owners: Ursula, Melanie, Anita and Pascalle


17 October 2014,  Bundes Sieger Dortmund (GE)

Judge Mr Colm Hastings (IRE)
Dwayne 3rd exc in Champion class, Purdey 2 exc & RCAC in Open class


13 October 2014, Champion show South Wales (UK)

Judge Mrs Pauline Barnes (UK)
Dwayne won 3rd in Open class


27/28 September 2014, 2x CACIB Maastricht (NL)

Dwayne 4exc under Judge Barry Croft (UK)
Dwayne 2exc RCAC/RCACIB under Judge Des Manton (IRE)


13 September 2014, Champion show Darlington (UK)

Judge Mrs Leila Bull (UK)

Dwayne won 2nd in Open class


30 August 2014, OES Specialty Berlin (GE)

Judge Mr Jesper Ravn (DK)


Dwayne - BIS BISS Multi Ch Youandi Grand Cru- wins BEST IN SHOW

and his daughter Passion - Danish Delight Talk'N About You & I- wins best puppy bitch


30 August 2014, CACIB show Luxembourg (Lux)

Judge Mrs. I. Vojtekova (SK)


Youandi Tiramisù won open class with CAC, and finished her Luxembourg champion title!!

Kyona is the 15th Youandi Champion :-) Congratulations & well done Marjo & Kyona!!!! 

picture taken at Euro Show France 2014



2 Augustus 2014


CACIB show Bremen (GE) Judge Anna Kochan (PL) Youandi Bruce Willis won the CAC in open class.

CAC show in Leuven (BE) Judge John Wauben (NL) Sealord's Quality Time for Youandi won Best Bitch & CAC.

Well done Bruce & Linda and Purdey & Pascalle!


6 July 2014, CAC show Wirges (GE)

Judge Mr Ray Wilkinson (UK/ Pockethall OES)


Dwayne wins Best of Breed over 42 entries and finished his German and VDH title!


Passion wins Best of Breed-Puppy!!



 11 May 2014, Europa Sieger Show Dortmund (GE)

Judge Mr Farfel (IRE)

Lee aka "Youandi Dutch Dream Team" won the Open class & CAC, and finished the German-VDH champion title

Well done Paul, Annemarie & Lee!



 20 April 2014, CACIB show Goes (NL)

Judge Mrs White (IRE)

Dwayne reserve CAC/IB, and finished the NL title!



6 March 2014, Crufts/ UK

Judge mr Ray Owen


3rd place in Open class


Dwayne moving at Crufts


23 February 2014, Bucholz/ Germany

judge Mr Yoshi Guy, Israel


Youandi Bruce Willis 2exc RCAC  (open class males)


Ch Youandi Dreams Come True 1exc CAC (champion class bitches)

super gedaan Linda & Ursula!


7 February 2014, Eindhoven/ NL

judge Mr John Wauben, NL

Dwayne (Mult Ch. Youandi Grand Cru) wins another CAC & CACIB

and our import girl from Portugal: "Purdey" (Sealords Quality Time for Youandi)

finished her NL-Junior Champion title!


26 January 2014, British Sheepdog Club

judge Mrs Melchior, Lux.

Sealords Quality Time for Youandi: 1st exc & New Jr Luxembourg Champion!


Youandi Tiramisù: 1exc CAC  (open class bitches)


Ch Youandi Grand Cru: 1st (honour class) & Best male 


4 January 2014, Verl-Kaunitz/ Germany

judge Mr Frankenberger (GE)

Pooh (Ch Youandi Meringue) won 1exc & CAC. And finished her German Club-CfBH Champion title!

(picture by H. Silberhorn)


and at the same show our Dwayne, Ch Youandi Grand Cru, won  1 exc, CAC & BOS




4 January 2014, Hoogstraten/ Belgie

judge Mr Jan de Gids (NL)


Dwayne (Multi ch Youandi Grand Cru) won CAC/ CACIB & Best Of Breed

and finished his Belgium champion title!!


 7 & 8 December, Kassel Germany


National show, judge Mr Gert Christensen (DK) Dwayne won CAC  & BOS

International show judge Mr Harold Steinmetz (GE) Dwayne won CAC/ CACIB & BOS

Dwayne finished his International champion title!!


2 December, OES Specialty Denmark

judge Mr Jesper Ravn (Bubbleton OES, DK)

Dwayne won BEST IN SHOW!! (and finished his Danish Champion title)

Pooh (Ch. Youandi Meringue) won Exc 2/CK in open class and 4th Best Bitch


15 September, OES Specialty Belgium

judge Mrs Pauline Barnes (Macopa OES, UK)

Dwayne won BEST IN SHOW!!


7 September, Luxembourg CACIB show

judge: Mr. Jánosé Balazsovits (H)


Our lovely Froukje: 'Youandi Dreams Come True' won the open class with CAC. With this winning she finished her Luxembourg Champion title!

Well done Ursula & Froukje!

At the same show, her brother Youandi Dutch Dream Team won also the CAC in open class males!

well done Paul, Annemarie & Lee!


30 August, FCI Europe Winner show, Genève (Swiss)

judge Christina Bailey (UK)

thank you Cornelia Verelst-Loest for the picture

at the CACIB show 1 day before, Dwayne won the open class & CAC under judge Mr. Eymar Dauphin (FR)

Dwayne won at the European Winner show: CAC & RCACIB/ Vice European Winner and finished his Swiss Champion title!



25 August, CACIB show Rotterdam (NL)

Breed Judge mr Ramsing (DK), Group judge mr S. Giannone (Fr)

Dwayne (Ch. Youandi Grand Cru) wins CAC & CACIB & Best of Breed...and 6th in FCI Group 1


125th Anniversay show, Swindon/ UK

judge Mrs Christine Barber


Dwayne was entered in open class and did a fantastic job. Unfortunately he was not selected for the line up. Kyona was 2nd in Novice class, and Purdey got VHC in puppy class. Not the result as we hoped for, but we had a fantastic weekend in the UK!


7 July CACIB show Echt (NL)

judge mr Carl-Gunnar Stafberg (SE)

Dwayne won 2exc & R-CAC / R-CACIB in champion class

and Pastou won 3exc in champion class



29 & 30 June Wirges (Germany)

Judge Mr J. Anderson (SE) : Dwayne won 3 Exc in Champion class

Judge Mr Russell Jones (UK): Dwayne won 2 exc in Champion class and RCAC



18 May Svendborg(Denmark) Mrs Charlotte Høier (DK)

Youandi Jeanne d'Arc won her 3rd CAC ...and finished Danish Champion title

well done Malene & Kerne!!




11 May Euro OES (NL) Judge Mr Ray Owen (UK) & Mrs Ronny Burns (UK)

"Sealords Quality Time for Youandi" VP in puppy class (14 entries)

"Youandi Bruce Willis" won VG in Intermediate class (7 entries)

"Youandi Grand Cru" won 4 exc in intermediate class (7 entries)

"Youandi Jeanne d'Arc" won exc. in open class bitches (24 entries)

"Youandi Dreams Come True" won 3rd in open class bitches (24 entries)

"Youandi Dutch Dream Team" won 1 exc in open class dogs & best Dutch bred dog



...and our little JLo stole the show !! (Youandi Cotton Candy, too young to participate at the show)


4 & 5 May St Gallen (Swiss) Judge MrDes Manton (IRE) & Mr John Wauben (NL)

"Youandi Grand Cru" won 2x CAC & 1 x CACIB/ BOS



 31 March Luxembourg (Lux) Judge Mrs Ruth Wagner (Lux)

"Youandi Grand Cru" won CAC & finished his Luxembourg champion title

and "Youandi Dreams Come True" won 3rd in open class bitches


 24 March Malmö (Sweden) Judge Mr Boris Spoljaric (Croatia)

"Youandi Jeanne D'Arc" won Best Bitch & CAC & CACIB well done Kerne & Malene!


 3 Februari @ British Sheepdog Club show Luxembourg Judge Mrs Monika Blaha (Austria)


Froukje (Youandi Dreams Come True) 1 exc CAC Dwayne (Youandi Grand Cru) 1 exc CAC & Best Male


 6-1-2013... on cloud nine! Dwayne won BEST IN SHOW all breeds in Bordeaux (Fr)


Dwayne (Youandi Grand Cru) won in Bordeaux (France) BEST IN SHOW!! 2650 dogs entered, all breeds.

Breed judge: Mr Dupas (FR) Group judge: Mr Des Manton (IRE) BIS judge: Mr M. Borges (PT)


 8 December 2012 CACIB show Brussel (Belgium) judge: Mr Eymar Dauphin (FR)

Ch.Youandi Pompidou won CAC/IB and finished his Belgium champion title well done Pascalle & Pastou!


 18 November 2012 Eurodog Show Belgium judge: Mrs Chr. Bailey (UK)

Dwayne (Youandi Grand Cru) CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed at his 1st CACIB show at the age of only 15 months


11 November 2012 CAC Specialty Belgium judge: Mrs I. Hectors (BE)

Dwayne won (at his 2nd show) his first CAC and made it up to Reserve Best in Show

..and Dogs RCAC was for Pastou, Bitch RCAC was for my Pooh!


3 November 2012 CACIB show Bleiswijk (NL) judge: Mrs Jean Lanning (GB)


Ch.Youandi Pompidou won CAC/ CACIB & Best of breed ..

and finished his International champion title! well done Pascalle & Pastou!



  20 Oktober 2012 CACIB show Utrecht (NL) judge: Mrs Brenda Banbury (UK)

picture by Elles de Boorder

Vincent (Multi Ch Youandi Antaeus) won CAC & CACIB, and finished his Dutch champion title This is the 10th champion title for Vincent! ...and now Vincent will handover the show ring to his mate Dwayne :-)

 14 Oktober 2012 CAC show Års (Denmark) judge: Mr Arne Fross (Norway)

Youandi Jeanne d'Arc wins her 2nd CAC! well done Malene & Kerne!

 12 Oktober 2012 CAC show Dortmund (Germany) judge: Mrs H. Müller (GE)

Ch.Youandi Pompidou won RCAC and finished his German & VDH champion titles well done Pascalle & Pastou!


7 October September 2012 CAC show in Norway

breed judge: Mr Cronander (SE) group Judge: Adolfo Martinez Noguera (ES) BEST IN SHOW judge Nils Molin (SE)

Ch. Youandi Île Flottante (Bentley) finished his Norwegian Champion title, and won BEST IN SHOW all breeds

and the next day (8 October) Bentley won CAC, BOB & BIG1 again! well done Rikke & Bentley, thank you Lene!


  23 September 2012 Club Specialty Italy judge Mrs H. Müller (DE)

Dwayne (13 months old) won at his debute: BEST Junior In Show!


20 August 2012 CACIB show Bjerke (NO) judge Mr W. Fricke (DE)

Bentley (Youandi île Flottante) CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed well done Rikke & Bentley, and thank you Lene!


17 May 2012 CAC show Arnhem (NL) judge Mrs W. van Deijl (BE)

Vincent (Multi Ch Youandi Antaeus) CAC & Best Male


5 May 2012 CAC show Sachsenheim (GE) judge Mr K. Buttner (GE)

Vincent (Ch Youandi Antaeus) won CAC & "Schwaben Sieger" and finished his 8th champion title

Pooh (Ch Youandi Meringue) won CAC and finished her German & VDH Champion titles


30 April 2012 CACIB show Lingen (GE) judge Mr J. Eberhardt (GE)

Ch Youandi Pompidou CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed & 3rd Best in Group

Youandi Dreams Come True: Junior CAC Youandi Meringue: RCAC Youandi Bruce Willis 1VP & Best Puppy



3 March 2012 Groningen (NL) judge Ms Birgitte Schjøth(DK )

Multi Ch Youandi Antaeus CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed

Youandi Dreams Come True: Junior CAC & res. Best Bitch, Youandi Tiramisù: Res CACIB

well done Marjo & Kyona and Ursula & Froukje... you both make we so proud!!!


25/26 February 2012 Fribourg (Swiss) judge Mr Stepinski (PL)

Chanel (Multi Ch Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel) CAC & CACIB & BOS

and day 2: Judge Mrs Rossier (CH) CAC, CACIB, BOB for Ch Youandi Pompidou


5 February 2012 Luxembourg Club Specialty (Lux) judge Mr Colm Hastings (IRL)

my little Pooh (Youandi Meringue) exc 4


3 Februari 2012 Eindhoven (NL) Judge mr Leonard (IRL)

Ch Youandi Pompidou CAC/ CACIB Youandi Dutch Dream Team 2nd in Junior class, Youandi Tiramisù 3rd in Open class


29 January 2012 Mouscron (BE)

Ch Youandi Pompidou CAC/ CACIB & Best of Breed well done Pascalle & Pastou!!


27 November 2011 Danish Club Specialty

Vincent's son: Jolly Bears Harley Davidson = Best Puppy in show

Vincent's son: Sing a Song of Roseville= Best Junior in show

Youandi Pompidou 1 exc & CK and 4th best male + CAC... NEW DK CHAMPION!

Multi Ch. Youandi Antaeus 2 exc & CK in champion + 2nd best male

Youandi Meringue 2 exc & CK 4 , Youandi Jeanne d'arc 4exc & CK, Youandi Tiramisù exc. (out of 12 in open class) and.....



5 November 2011 Luxembourg

Youandi Pompidou CAC & CACIB and new Luxembourg Champion!

Youandi Meringue RCAC in intermediate class


14 & 16 October 2011 Dortmund (Germany)

National show: Pooh 1exc CAC, Pastou 2 exc RCAC

Bundes Sieger show: Pastou exc, Vincent 4 exc, and Pooh again 1st & CAC!