Farewell dear Shanti

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Farewell dear Shanti


Can't believe I have to write a message about Shanti's farewell. It can't be true... After 14 years and 3 months of unconditional love and friendship I had to let her go. My 'Prutske'. My shadow, my pride. My Shanti.

I'm lucky we enjoyed a long and healthy life together, which ended quitte suddenly after all. But I'm so sad, because I don't want to miss her.

We worked so hard together to get her back in shape after the bloat (torsion) last december, and she was doing great! Still the leader of the pack, telling her grand daughter Dior to behave, and always first in line when food was served. 

Always by my side.... at my feet under the table when I was at work, and every evening climbing the steep stairs to sleep on my bed. 

Who could know at the moment when left for just 3 days to the Euro OES show- leaving all dogs & puppies perfectly taken care by the best dogsitter in the world- that we could only say farewell when I arrived home...

I'm gonna miss you dear Shanti. My love, My Prutske. 

* oh mani padme hum. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti *






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