Dulux Dwayne

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Dwayne is the International Dulux dog

After 7 yers of 'glory, spotlight & fame' in the showring, Dwayne handed over this role to his daughter Dior. But he's in full bloom and started a new career as the international Dulux dog!

Dwayne follows the footsteps of his father who was the star in many commercials, and one of the most famous Dulux commercials ever. This was filmed 10 years ago in Australie. 

I'm so proud Akzo Nobel asked my Dwayne to be the next "Dulux Dog" for their international commercials. It's so much fun to do, Dwayne likes the attention, and is he's always treated like a real film star at the set. 

Recently we recorded the commercial for 2020, but be can't share more info about this yet...

klik hier voor de Easy Care Commercial