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Youandi on holidays...

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Normally we enjoy the weekends somewhere in Europe. We travel to shows and combine it with some nice days at a lake or in the mountains to do some hiking. But because of Covid19, the motorhome was parked in the garden... and did not move for months. In these 'free weekends' at home, we enjoyed the garden, started our our veggie garden and we added some Silky chickens to our family!

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In the mean time, my job was hectic and I worked many hours to complete a complex and huge project. Covid had a lot of impact, but we are healthy and finally we could plan some days off and start our holidays in August. No shows... and no plan. I love to wander with my dogs in the motorhome... let's see where the weather brings us?

We started in South Germany, but due to the rain we moved south. After the 1st free weekend, I had to work again but I could do it remote (duhh..) from my motorhome! After some days I could finally close my laptop, and in the mean time we arrived in the South of Italy. Our holidays started now for real!

It was hot, but in this lovely climate there is always the sea breeze, and at the motorhome parkings/ campsites there is always shadow. In combination with the fan's I brought for the dogs, it was perfect and the dogs loved it as much as I did!

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Dior seems to have some mermaid DNA... she is a fantastic swimmer! Even the waves were no challenge for her, and she was the best act at the beach for many visitors.

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We moved slowely north...(realy easy going) and followed the coast line. Many nice beaches, campsites and of course I couldn't miss a visit to the ruines of Pompei. The next day Dior and I climbed all the way up to the Vesuvius vulcano.  

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I loved it to be 'on the road' with my doggies. We enjoyed every moment, all of us. This next picture might be the most precious of this trip; Vincent & Chanel... 13 years old. They loved to travel again, and enjoyed the short walks with the team. Most of the time they were just snoozing in in the shadow, in front of the motorhome.

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There was no planning for this trip, and at a certain moment I was in contact with my friends (the owners of Joep) and we agreed to meet in Epernay, and do some champagne tasting at Moët. So we drove via the Mont-Blanc Tunnel to France.

We stopped at some lovely places in the mountains and at the river Rhône, no rush.... and after some days we arrived in Epernay where all dogs where happy and surprised to see Joep and his 2-legged parents!

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After a visit to the cellars of Moët, we made a special toast to our Joep.. "Youandi Grand Vintage" 

Youandi champagne

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