Youandi 30 year's anniversary

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30 years ago.....

OMG... It's true. It's 30 years ago, November 17th in 1990, the first Youandi litter was born. In the picture, you see my Balou (Youandi Fun Stud) at age of 10 weeks.I do remember when, where and how this picture was taken. Unfortunately, it is one of the few pictures I have from that episode, as all my stuff was burned in 2004. Anyway, the memories are still alive! 

I won't go back into the star, that's already described in this website.  But let me take you down to my memory lane... Starting with some facts;

  • Max (my 1st OES) came into my life in 1988, and Bonny was the mom of my first litter in1990. 
  • Since 1990, 26 litters were born, in total 153 puppies, and 7 generaties go back to Bonny.
  • Out of 153, 13 stayed here; 
  • All puppies found a lovely family home; 149x perfect match & 4x rehomed puppies (Lotte, Meeko, Diesel and Boris) who found their "FurEver Home" at 2nd chance. 
  • As icing on the cake, I'm so proud that out of these 153 "family & sofa champions" also 19 can add the title FCI champion to their name! (= 12% -> how many breeders can claim this achievement?) ;-)

So far the facts and figures... there are so much more lovely memories! 

Going down memorie lane, all those precious memories of beautiful, special dogs - I still miss them! But I also remember the moments of fun, amazing dogs, high-, and lowlights. So many friendships during the years, connected via the dogs during the years! Many of these precious friends surprised me last year with their visit for my 50th birthday. So many fantastic, crazy, sweet friends from the Netherlands, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Swiss, Spain, Italy and Greece joined this special party. 

This is what makes my hobby, my life and the Old English Sheepdog Community so special! 

Most Youandi litters were ' international', the Dutch population was (still is) to small for my ambitions. I'll never forget the way I drove to Denmark with Lotte, back in 1998, on my my old VW Golf, no GPS. Lotte on the back seat, and a hand written route map on the right seat. We made it... it was a crazy tour with unexpected twists... but eventuality a fantastic litter of 4 puppies! 

Enough stories to write books and blogs... I try to keep up with my website, facebook and instagram to share the most special up's and downs. 

In 2004 allmost everything I owned was destryoyed by the fire when my home burned down. All pictures are lost but fortunately the most precious was safed, and we could move on

Group picture: winter 2000/2001. 


2000: Emily, Coco, Raggles, Bo-Ghy, Lotte

2001: Bo-Ghy, Coco, Emily, Inge, Muffin, Raggles

2005: Raggles, Muffin, Coco, Shanti, Babs, Bo-Ghy, Emily

2008: Raggles, Muffin, Shanti, Chanel, Vincent, Bo-Ghy (Babs wilde niet op de foto...)

2010: Babs, Chanel, Vincent, Muffin, Pooh, Shanti

I always enjoy the family Get togethers...!

Youandi Reunie 2013


2016 een bijzonder moment met "3 winning generations" op de Kampioensclubmatch in Nederland. Dwayne, Brechtje en Shanti.


 2018, The result of a selective puppy buyer policy ;-) The Youandi No Nonsense Weekend in Eersel (@ Joop's home)



2019 Pooh, Shanti, Dior, Vincent, Chanel, Inge, Dwayne (dit was een 'selfie'!)

And, now... 2020. I miss Shanti, every single day. But I also "count my blessings" with the Golden Oldies.  Vincent & Chanel are 13+, and -can you beleieve it.. Pooh is 11 and Dwayne 9 years old. All in good health, and we're looking to the future with Dior, and her 'sisters' Passion, Brechtje and Nelly and of course he littermate Joep.  (they live with dear friends ) and with them we're looking forward to the nest 30 years!!

Many plans, wishes, dreams... and a lot to do for our beautiful breed: the Old English Sheepdog.  

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