My dogs are shown all over Europe, at National and International exhibitions and of course at OES Specialty's, where the competion is huge! Youandi OES gained titles in 18 European Countries. That's quite special, considering I don't sell puppies to people I've never met, and I don't sent puppies far away on a flight to an unknown destination. Youandi OES are family dogs. Sofa OES who occasionally are shown as well. 

I'm extremely proud al my dogs are successful at dog shows under 'allround judges' ánd breed specialists. But the most honour goes to the owners, who trusted me as a breeder, and spent their time and effort to acchief those results! 


San Marinese Champion, Mediterean Winner '06

Ch Youandi Back 'n Beyond

 D.O.B: 14-10-2001, ♀ HD-A & Eyes Clear   

Babs wasn't "planned to stay" but shortly after her birth it became clear: she is "ment to be here." She showed in her first weeks of her life that she is not just an OES that goes Back to her Roots. No...she goes Back 'n Beyond!!

She inherited the sweet character and super angulation from her mommy and the funny habits of her daddy. We didn't show very often, but she was at all shows always in the line-up... and she is FCI Champion! Unfortunately a medical issue made me decide to do a ovario hysterectomie. This means Babs is not able to have any puppies.

But....She is a very healthy happy girl, which is much more important for me! In 2007 I decided to give her a 'shortcut' which she likes a lot! Babs is a happy pet since, and she is the only dog here at home with her own sofa in the living room. She enjoys life every day, and she is a joy for me. Every day!




International, UK, Italian, French, Dutch, Belgium, Luxembourg, Swiss, Danish, German, VDH champion 

World Champion '17, Nordic Winner'16, Benelux Winner'14, Club Winner, BIS winner, multi-BISS Winner

Ch Youandi Grand Cru

 D.O.B. 05-08-2011, ♂ Hipscore A, Eyes clear, PCD +/+, MDR1 +/+, CA +/+, EIC +/+, BEAR +/+



My little globetrotter... we call him Dwayne. Dwayne is so special, and this boy has just this extra special sense to make me laugh and he made me smile after a year with many sad moments.

It was quite a 'project' to import semen from Australia and accomplish the pregnancy for Shanti from the special "Beauty & Brains" top dog from Down Under. Dwayne's dad "Rumour" is Australian Grand Champion, Obedience Champion and passed the herding test. Rumour is the only OES who achieved these titles together.

Dwayne is a fantastic friend and family member; he is a lovely uncomplicated personality, extremely smart and full of misschief. He is best friends with Vincent (they share the sofa together) and he likes to fool around with the girls.

At the age of 7 months he passed the herding test, and showed us he really got the talent from his dad. His show carreer started with a Best Junior in Show at the Italian Specialty, a RBIS at the specialty in Belgium and BOB at his first CACIB show.. At the age of 17 months he won BIS all breeds (2600 dogs) and 2 months later he finished his first FCI champion title. And at only 27 months he won his 3rd BIS (2 specialty's) 

Before the age of 3 years he gained 8 champion titles which were completed in style with some lovely wins under true breed specialist. And the latest update adds many champion titles including UK champion, many BISS wins, and in 2017 he even won the World Champion title!

In the mean time he sired a few nice litters with very promissing puppies and also his offspring and grand kids are winning at shows and some of them finished their champion titles as well

Dwayne is my shadow, he is the love of my life and a treasure to live with!



German Junior ch, German Club Winner 2008, Multi Best In Show

International, Luxembourgs, Danisch, German, VDH Champion

Ch Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel

D.O.B.: 09-06-2007,  HD-A & Eyes Clear, PCD Clear   

Chanel is my little girl with a lovely temper. She is a litter sister of Vincent and they are unseparatable. They always sleep close to each other, play their game in the garden and guard side by side at the gate.

She grew up as a nice lady; just like her mommy and sisters (Babs & Shanti) At her first show, she became best Puppy of Demark at the age of only 6 months! She qualified for Crufts, and won the 3rd place at the Euro show at only 11 months. From the day she was alowed to show in the open class she won RCAC at the Nationale Elevage (France) and at the Specialty in Denmark. And before she was 18 months old, she already gained CAC's & CACIB's in The Netherlands, Swiss, Luxembourg and Germany.

She won Best in show at all breed shows, and at specialty shows. She gained 5 titles within a short time span. At the age of 3,5 years, she gave birth to 7 lovely puppies and raised them perfectly and without any effort. Pooh is her favorite playmate to run and play 'hide & seek'... and in the evening she lays next to me on the sofa... likes to cuddle all the time after a busy day.

In 2010 she had a litter of 7 puppies, who are also succesful in the showring ánd inherited Chanel's fantastic character.

She's my sweetest girl, with only one mission in life: just being the sweetest girl in the world! And she succeeds!




Junior Bundes Sieger 2010, Best Junior Belgium Specialty

German-Club Champion & German-VDH Champion

Ch Youandi Meringue

D.O.B.: 24-11-2009, ♀ HD-A & Eyes Clear & PCD Clear  

Sometimes... life goes different then planned. I just follow my heart, and this is the only correct way.

Pooh stole my heart with her beautiful eyes and her personality. She won't be able to replace her Granny Coco, but I'm happy she will be here with me as the grand daughter of my most precious Coco. Pooh has the familiar and sensible character.

She has a lovely attitude, which makes her a brilliant family member here at home. Pooh is a small girl, she won some prestigious junior titles and she needed some time to become a lady. In the mean time she loves to play with Vincent and Chanel in the garden. The ultimate fun is to travel by motorhome and to sit in front of the window.

Pooh is a real working dog and we train agility and obedience since she is 3 years old. With great succes and we win prices at Dutch competitions as a great team. In 2013 Pooh showed us how easy it is to have a litter of 8 puppies, and raise them without any effort or artificial help. When her babies were 6 weeks old, she was back in shape to train agility again.

..there is a life full of adventure for Pooh, and she won't miss anything!



"What day is it?" Asked Pooh

"It's today" Squeaked Piglet

"My favorite day." Said Pooh


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