Junior Bundes Sieger 2010, Best Junior Belgium Specialty

German-Club Champion & German-VDH Champion

Ch Youandi Meringue

D.O.B.: 24-11-2009, ♀ HD-A & Eyes Clear & PCD Clear  

Sometimes... life goes different then planned. I just follow my heart, and this is the only correct way.

Pooh stole my heart with her beautiful eyes and her personality. She won't be able to replace her Granny Coco, but I'm happy she will be here with me as the grand daughter of my most precious Coco. Pooh has the familiar and sensible character.

She has a lovely attitude, which makes her a brilliant family member here at home. Pooh is a small girl, she won some prestigious junior titles and she needed some time to become a lady. In the mean time she loves to play with Vincent and Chanel in the garden. The ultimate fun is to travel by motorhome and to sit in front of the window.

Pooh is a real working dog and we train agility and obedience since she is 3 years old. With great succes and we win prices at Dutch competitions as a great team. In 2013 Pooh showed us how easy it is to have a litter of 8 puppies, and raise them without any effort or artificial help. When her babies were 6 weeks old, she was back in shape to train agility again.

..there is a life full of adventure for Pooh, and she won't miss anything!



"What day is it?" Asked Pooh

"It's today" Squeaked Piglet

"My favorite day." Said Pooh


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