Ch. Youandi Back 'n Beyond

  14-10-2001 † 01-12-2016





Babs.,, my little special girl. The vet mentioned many years ago 'Babs has nothing to do with logic'.. she was amazing and exceeded any expectation.

Since she was born (in the back of my car) she claimed my unconditional attention and love. After she had her accident at the age of 6 weeks, we fought for days, cared for weeks and recovered for months. This period had a huge infuence on her personality and our band... Trust, faith, love and persistence.

We had so much fun in 15 years. She was always there, always with me... There is no dog who travelled as much as Babs. When she was young she joined the trip at the front seat of the Laguna, and later she concuered a special place in the motorhome. Nobody would dare to take her bed.... there was respect for the old lady. 

Altough she was visually disabled due to her puppy accident, she always trusted me. She walked in any forrest, at any beach and even in the Georges du Verdon at smal cliff's ledges. When she became deaf at the age of 13, we changed our communication from 'voice to touch'. No problem fro Babs, clever girl. 

We were one. Babs and I You and I. She was the perfect OES, with a perfect personality. Babs was always withme, never asking for attention, but always present. Like a shadow, blind faith. 

I'm gonna miss you...after 15 years, you leave me so many memories and so much love. I love you Babs... The house is empty without you, the family is incomplete without you. Run free my girl...!!





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