Multi Ch. Youandi Moët & Chandon

  10-03-2005 † 11-06-2019





Shanti was born with her 2 brothers during the most bizar period of my life. (just after my house was destroyed in the fire). She made me looking forward and gave a sparkle to every day. The constructioning of the new house was in progress on daily base and Shanti joined me. There was no time for socialisation, because we were painting, breaking walls, paving and tiling... and Shanti was there in between the mess and activities. Having fun! Also, when she grew up, there was no activity in the house or garden she didn't 'supervised'.

When she became old enough to show, we broke all records. Anywhere she came, she won. First the Junior titles, and later she won almost all champion titles in Europe. We were a team and we enjoyed to work together. We travelled a lot, first in the car & caravan, later in our motorhome where she always had the best spot: in the front & next to me. No matter if we went on holiday or show; travelling was always fun.

My buddy during the long hiking trails. My helping hand when we had a litter; leading the puppies in- and outdoors and to keep them in line. My day-to-day shadow; during the day at my feet under the table while I working, in the evening at my feet when I was grooming, and at night snoring next to me on the left side of the bed. Even when Shanti became an old lady, she didn't accept to step back. So our daily walk in the forrest was limited to 30 minutes so she could walk with us.  She was still the leader of the pack in the most gentle way.

Shanti was a social lady and always friendly to everybody she met. She was confident, friendly and had a great sense of humor. Everybody (people and dogs) enjoyed her company. She had 2 litters, and passed on her lovely personality to her kids. Her personality and spirit will move on in her offspring. I will always recognise her special characteristics in Dwayne and the " French Celebraties" .. and the following generations.

It's impossible to wrap up 14 years of friendship in a few lines. Shanti and I were one. We are Youandi. My heart is broken... I lost a piece of my heart. I miss you so much "Prutske". Some dogs are special... Shanti was extra special. 

* oh mani padme hum. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti *

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