Ch. Youandi Surprise Surprise

 28-07-1998 † 04-04-2010 


Bo-Ghy was born as a singleton, and raised by me because his mommies milk was not good enough to grow.

When he was 8 weeks, he moved to his new family. But within 3 weeks he came home again; seriously damaged in body and mind. It took us a lot of time and T.L.C. to heal him and to get him back on track. But he grew up as a big loving boy, with a very small hart (of gold!) Unfortunately some 'scarves' don't heal...

He became my first champion, and gained 6 titles. He gave his qualities and great sense of humor to his offspring. He is also the daddy of my girls Babs and Shanti. We loved to travel all over Europe together for shows and holidays. Life was so good, and he really enjoyed his days as the 'old man' in the house. Loved to walk in the forest, or to play in the garden with the youngsters and to sleep on his pillow in the living room.

But then, so suddenly it ended... Bye my dear sweat big Bo-Ghy-Man.

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