Youandi Limited Edition

17-12-1998 † 14-12-2009


My dearest Coco... like a little present..

She was always by my side, like a shadow. My soulmate. She was the most easy, lovable dog I could wish for. She just understood, did not need any words... she was always there.

Always, anytime, anywhere, any place. Coco was the only dog with the privilege of sleeping upstairs... (next to me, on the bed) She had 3 litters, and was the perfect mum for her babies. 4 of these Coco-kids stayed with me and I'm so lucky to recognize Coco every day in all those lovely kids of her. And this way she will always let me smile...

So many memories, such a special friend, such a loss, so much grief...

Dag lief meiske, mijn lieve Coco-doos

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