Forever Emily a/d Elbe-Urstromtal

 08-04-1993 † 05-11-2007



We shared our lives for 14 years.

Emme was an extremely strong dog in body & mind. She was never ill, gave birth to healthy puppies without any effort and achieved, in perfect health, an incredible age. Yes, Emme was a kind of primeval-dog: indestructible!

She was the Alfa and always 'present' at home until the day she left for the Bridge. She was without any doubt the most intelligent Bobtail I've ever met. She had a truly strong mind of her own, but was also very loyal and sweet.

After so many years together, it will be tough to go on without her. Fortunately she gave her beautiful and strong genes to her big offspring. In this way she'll be with me "Forever".

Bye bye Emme; I love you...

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