Youandi Lots of Fun


17-11-1990 † 13-03-2001




Lotte came back when she was 7 years old. Just when I thought I had lost the Youandi feeling. She was as sweet and beautiful as her brother. I recognized the character! Just as stable and sensitive as Balou. Lotte was always quiet and friendly. She gave me 4 wonderful puppies, with the same beautiful characters. Together with Lotte, I discovered telepathy does exist! I wonder if I will ever be so "close" to another dog in my life. In January 2001 we discovered a tumor on her skull. The cancer was already all over her body. We couldn't do anything to save her. I will always remember the last 7 weeks we've spent together. It was quality time! Thanks to the help of my vet, Lotte's last weeks were great, in spite of her illness, including a wonderful weekend at Texel. My love for Lotte will be everlasting.

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