5-5-1988 † 13-2-2000 



Max was "just Max".

Max was my first Sheepdog. Max turned the world the way he liked it. Max never worried, every thing went the way he liked it. He choose the person to cuddle, when and how long he should be cuddled.

When people didn't cuddle the way he liked, he just barked or gave a paw. Just as long until the person understood him. And everybody did! A lot of visitors would like to take him home, only Max never jumped into another car than mine.

But Max became old, en forgot the things he had ever learned. Since Christmas '99 he started to eat al sort of strange stuff. He tried to eat a spoon, and he ate the phone. The trashcan was not safe for him anymore. The panty-hose that he found in it and ate, was fatal. The operation to remove the panty from his belly was to tough for his old body.

Max decided himself (as always) that he should go to the Bridge.  


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