Ch. Youandi Live Life to the Max

  15-03-2001 † 04-07-2011




Muffin grew up and became a big girl. This was a kind of a handicap for her during her show career, but she won many CAC's and finished her international Champion titel. Unfortunately Muffin never had a litter, altough we tried many times. Mother nature had different plans. Muffin had the beauty & Brains.

She was my 'working girl'! We did some herding, dog-frisbee, and of course daily football in the back yard. We loved to do bike trails, made long forrest walks together and during holidays she was always by my side in the mountains for long walks and adventures. She had so much energy, the will to please ánd a great sense of humor.

When her grandmother passed away, she took over the lead of the gang at home without notice. She educated the youngsters and everybody respected her and loved her.

When she was 10 years old, she had a surgery to remove mama tumors. Because of her fantastic strong health, her future still seemed bright and positive. Muffin should reach the age of "20 years"! After the tough and complicated surgery, she recovered well. Only some weeks later we went to Austria and made a great trial into the mountains. We felt so strong and celebrated our victory at the top. Nobody was aware of the fact the cancer was back and destroying her body already at that same time. Muffin's strong mind gave her the strenght to live life to the max untill the last day of her life.

It was the hardest decision for me to let her go to the bridge just a few days after the diagnose showed the reality of my strong and proud girl. I will miss her so much.... we were so close and our love was so deeply.

Bye bye my dearest MufMuf. I love you, and yes....we sure 'lived life to the max' together.

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