Youandi Femme Fatale 

 26-05-1995 † 03-11-2008


Maybe Raggles was not the most beautiful Bobtail, but she was special... special to me!

From the moment she was born and I saw her black ears, I knew it for sure: she was my Raggles. My Raggle-Freggle.

She was very sensitive, and responded accurate to my emotions.. sometimes so much she even reflected it to the other dogs. She was a living caricature, with her big black ears (like wings!) her brown eyes, and her smile... her big-big smile!

She gave birth to 18 healthy and strong puppies, and showed me the most relaxed way of pregnancy of "5 kilo's puppies" and 'together with me' (like Youandi) she gave easily birth to a litter of 11 puppies...

At the age of 13 years she got bad tumors, and I decided to save her for the struggle of pain and surgeries. 6 months later we lost the battle to cancer, and I had to let her go to the 'bridge' to meet her mother and friends.

Bye sweet Freggle..

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