Let me introduce...

Let me introduce myself... First of all, I can excuse myself. I’m genetically affected with the virus called "dog lover". I’m the third generation of a family of dog lovers. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to have an OES. My aunt talked about such a dog and showed me pictures. That's how I fell in love with these hairy fellows. My mom did not like those hairy dogs, and I grow up with friends like the Great Dane, a Collie and a Bouvier.

When I celebrated my 19th birthday, I wished, just like any other year, an OES for a present. Only this time my boyfriend liked the idea, and gave me….MAX! Max was a little puppy of 6 weeks old, found in the newspaper. Without a pedigree, but sweet, so sweet as a sheepie can be. Max was a friend for life. To know him was to love him. I became a groomer, and also a kennel help in the OES kennel "Shaggy Bear’s"

Muffin & Inge 2011. Krimmler Wasserfalle
2011: Krimmler Waterfall Muffin & Inge

Here I met Bonny (Surprise van 't Schokkerland). A pure "Shaggy Wonder" bred bitch. Bonny wasn’t happy in the kennel, and Marieke asked me to take care of here. So Bonny came home with me when she was 1,5 years old.


after Bonny entered my life, the plan for my first litter was born… But if I would become  a breeder, I would need a kennel name. So I thought and searched…Then I found the name "Youandi", it was a name in one of Shakespeare’s books. And what was more like my sheepies and me? You-and-I…. so... over 30 years gone bye and it's nice to see how the youngest generation inherited the beautiful characters and funny habits from the "oldies". I see the legacy of Bonny, Lotte and Balou, and they will always live in their offspring... I'm used to live with 6 Old English sheepdogs...I love them all, and I couldn’t miss a single one of them! Breeding is a hobby which got -a bit- out of hand… And it will always be a hobby!!




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