My dogs

All my dogs live with me as family dogs. When I go to the office for work, they have a safe and quiet place for their own in my 'doggie-house' (which is an included part of my home, with kennels) But when I'm at home, they are with me in the house and garden.. and on the sofa!

We like to go out for walks in the forrest every evening. Sometimes in the weekends we drive to the beach or plan a trip with the motorhome to a nice place to spent some quality time. We combine the shows abroad with nice trips to make a walk or explore the environment. We used to do this with the caravan, but now we have the motorhome nobody needs to stay at home anymore.

So we enjoy life with all of us the most... no matter if we go to a dog show, or go to a place where we get dirty feet... it's always fun to enjoy life together!




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