Many years I shared my life with my dearest friends. Way too early we had to say goodbye. This site is especially for them, they are responsible for this special "Youandi feeling" as we know it now.

There is not single day that goes by without thinking of them, I still do miss them a lot. Untill we'll meet again....

Multi Ch. Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel

09-06-2007 † 25-07-2022

Chanel- Multi Ch Youandi Mademoiselle Chanel

Chanel... "To be irreplaceable, one must be different"

Multi Ch. Youandi Grand Cru

 05-08-2011 † 17-02-2022


Dwayne- Ch Youandi Grand Cru

Dwayne.. Mijn Dwayne. The love of my life!

Multi Ch. Youandi Antaeus

09-06-2007 † 31-06-2021


Vincent- Ch Youandi Antaeus

Vincent mijn grote teddybeer...

Multi Ch. Youandi Moët & Chandon

 10-03-2005 † 11-06-2019

Shanti- Youandi Moët & Chandon

Shanti... mijn bijzondere Shanti...!

Ch. Youandi Back 'n Beyond

 14-10-2001 † 01-12-2016

Babs- Youandi Back 'n Beyond

Babs... mijn klein bijzonder meiske.

Ch. Youandi Live Life to the Max

15-03-2001 † 04-07-2011

Muffin deed haar stamboom naam eer aan... 'Live Life to the Max'.

Multi Ch. Youandi Surprise Surprise

 28-07-1998 † 04-04-2010

Bo-Ghy - Ch. Youandi Surprise Surprise

Dag grote stoere Bo-Ghy-Man

 Forever Emily a/d Elbe-Urstromtal

 08-04-1993 † 05-11-2007

Emily, 14 jaar hebben we samen lief en leed gedeeld.

Youandi Lots of Fun

17-11-1990 † 13-03-2001


Lotte en ik hadden telepathie...

 Surprise van 't Schokkerland

17-12-1987 † 13-9-1993

Bonny was een vriendin door dik en dun.

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