Ch Air Zeppeline Hercules Junior of Mat 'N Nik

 D.O.B.: 20-01-2018,  HD-A, PCD +/+, HA +/+, MDR +/+, EIC +/+, DM +/+

International, Greek, Italian, Danish Champion

Dior and I were sad and lonely after so much loss. My dearest friends Matteo & Nikolas felt our pain and asked me if Hercules could stay with us for a while... I didn't had to think twice. So, the day after the Euro OES show in France Hercules stepped into my motorhome... and lives with us since then. 

It's so good to have a male around. I really missed it. Hercules is a fantastic stabile, gentle boy, doesn't step back to protect his house, and at the same time he's a softie for us at home. He enjoys the daily walks at the forrest, sleeps next to my bed, makes new friends with 4-legged visitors, best mates with Dior, loves puppies, chickens and the girl next door!

Hercules stole Dior's and my heart..... just like he does with anybody who meets him!

Besides the daily walks, we do weekly balance & coördination training, and we also have fun at shows. Hercules (or Herci, for intimi) was already Greek and Italian champion. But, as Mat & Nik say: "we live at the end of the world", and it was almost impossible to finish more titles for him. Just after some weeks Hercules moved to "central Europe" and a few shows he gained the Danish and International champion titels and some CAC's in The Netherlands, Belgium and Zwitserland.

Hercule is a joy to live with, and if it's up to me... he will stay here forever!

This special boy is a proven stud and available for exquisite girls.

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